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Consignor Registration and Management
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Sunday,  MARCH 24      2:30PM - 6:00PM
Monday, MARCH 25     10:00AM - 7:00PM 
Tuesday, MARCH 26    10:00AM - 12:00PM

Receiving Schedule (by appointment only):
Tage MUST be printed on WHITE CARDSTOCK!
Pre-Sale Schedule:
Volunteers with work shifts are invited to the Pre-Sale on TUESDAY, MARCH 26TH at 5:00PM.
All Consignors are invited to the Pre-Sale on TUESDAY, MARCH 26TH at 6:00PM.

Only the volunteer/consignor may shop during the Pre-Sale. You may not bring anyone with you unless they too have volunteered or consigned.

- Print only on WHITE CARDSTOCK

- Only six tags will print per page.
  DO NOT REDUCE. Our tag reader
  can only read full size tags.

All hangers should face left, making a question mark. Tags should be securely pinned with a safety-pin on the upper right side of the garment. Pants/skirts/shorts should be pinned to the TOP of hangers instead of the bottom. Please see the following illustrations on how to properly prepare your garments:
Garments should be grouped by gender, then size. This helps the check-in process to be quick and efficient. 
Name your own price!
The Milledgeville Exchange uses the standard 70/30 split on proceeds. There is a non-refundable consignor/mail fee of $12 per consignor required upon registration.
Children & Women's Consignment Sale