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Selling Tips

Helpful Tips to Boost Sales
• Check all clothing for stains, tears, and 
missing buttons. We will not accept items with 
these problems.

• Presentation is everything! Ironing your clothes 
will make them appear newer, more fresh, and 
more desirable. Not required but highly recommended!

• Please be sure to button and/or snap all clothing. It must be ready to go on the sales racks.

• Please hang all items on hangers with the hook of the hanger making a "question mark". This assures that all items will be easily viewed once organized. Please see the illustrations at the bottom of the consign! page for further instruction.

• SAFETY PIN your custom tag on the upper right hand side of items on hangers.

• For small items, lots usually sell more quickly. Group, bibs, hairbows, and small toys in a ziplock bag and label as one item. 

• Clean toys are sold toys. Magic Erasers are fabulous for making toys look new again. We will not accept dirty items.

• Any item that requires batteries for operation must include working batteries (cheap ones from the Dollar Tree are fine!)

• Make sure all shoes are in pristine condition. No dirt caked on the bottoms, please! We will not accept shoes that are not clean.

• All items must be odor free. Please check them carefully. We will not accept clothing that smells of smoke/urine/spit-up.

• Toys with small parts need to be securely attached. Giant Ziplock bags work great for selling toys with multiple pieces. 

• Be sure to mark all items you’re selling with your consigner number somewhere other than the tag – on tape inside the clothing and on the bottom of equipment/toys. If the tag gets lost, we will need this to identify you. 

• Ziplock bags need to be sealed AND taped shut. 

• MOST IMPORTANTLY: DO NOT OVERPRICE! This is a consignment sale and items need to be priced as such. We recommend pricing an item at a third (or less) of what you paid retail.

Children & Women's Consignment Sale